How-To: Balloons

Balloons make everything magical! Custom balloon design installs from your other mother to make your party POP!

Party Like A Pro

Custom Balloon Installs | Balloon Garland Pickup | DIY Kits for purchase

Balloon Garland Instruction Video

DIY 💗 How to create a professional looking balloon install. Like all good moms, I share my tips and tricks.

Linking Balloons How-To Instructions

DIY Balloon Garland Kits – 10ft

Check out our SHOP page for pricing on custom balloon garlands + DIY Balloon Garland Kits.

Supplies Needed *must haves*

Electric Balloon Pump–trust me. You can use this for pool toys & more. It’s a MUST.
3M Command Outdoor Lights Hook


Mini glue gun + Sticks
Already have a mini glue gun? Get just these sticks.

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Let’s party together!